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cargodur - The construction material with a performance PLUS for the vehicle construction industry.

Innovative insulation solutions for the vehicle construction industry:

cargodur for the vehicle construction industry

Hidden values for sophisticated vehicle construction and sandwich panels:  High-performance insulation and construction materials made by puren. 

Fantastic atmosphere inside the vehicle

Many years of research and development as well as an intensive exchange of experience with our customers has resulted in a special product meeting the requirements for commercial vehicles in an optimal way.  The thermoset high-performance insulating material cargodur combines economic and ecological aspects in a state-of-the-art manner.  Especially high requirements for the transport of food products and compliance with a monitored cold chain require an insulating material permitting an optimized size load at maximum vehicle width achieved through slim wall structures.  Low weight of the superstructure at simultaneously high stability are mandatory.  The minimally plasticized properties compensate for the dynamic behavior of the vehicle and thus support the sandwich structures.

Different top layers and different processing procedures can be combined without causing any problems with the styrol-resistant material on polyurethane base.  Environmentally-friendly blowing agents used achieve highest insulating values and thus contribute in saving both the environment and on resources.

With a bulk density of 35 kg/m³ cargodur provides an excellent thermal conductivity grade of 0.020 W/(mK).  Thus, this special insulating material meets unscrupulously any testing specifications.  But even, if demands on the temperature inside the vehicle are not the same as in food transports, cargodur shows its special characteristics to its advantage:  Slim and extremely light-weight walls (e.g. for delivery vehicles) save on fuel and go easy on the transported goods as well as the driver.  In that area, cargodur also demonstrates its strengths:  Its practicable workability and delivery form specific to the respective application.  puren will deliver the panels in customer-specific thicknesses and lengths with a width of 1200 mm.

Apart from cargodur insulating material, puren also uses purenit smart material (e.g. for floor superstructures or transom moldings at rear gates).

Advantages of cargodur:

  • Light-weight, weight-optimized
  • Pressure-resistant
  • Lowest thermal conductivity grade starting at 0.021 W/(m•K) allowing for slimmer superstructures, thus higher payload volumes
  • Optimum protection of high-grade goods from temperature impact (in temperature-controlled transports ranging from –30° C up to +200° C) through excellent insulating values from heat and cold
  • Economical
  • Good cell elasticity
  • Can easily be combined with top layers made of GRP (glass-fiber reinforced plastics), metals etc.
  • Does NOT drop off while burning
  • Easy to repair
  • Recyclable
  • Water absorption acc. to DIN EN 12087: approx. 3 % by volume
  • Absorbs high dynamic loads as core material of sandwich elements
  • High rigidity
  • Harmless from a biological and building ecology point of view, mould- and mildew-resistant

Slabstock and panels in standard formats or in customer-/project-specific dimensions

Edges Blunt
Surface generally ground and dusted, grooved upon request

Further specifications upon request

Whether as core material in vehicle superstructures of trucks or as segment for road tankers being loaded with "hot" merchandise of up to +200° C – puren construction materials provide the ideal solution for any specification or application.

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