slabstock, panels and pre-cuts

puren slabstock, panels and pre-cuts

Good results come from good ideas.  puren rigid foam gives new impulses to the industry.

Reliable implementation of project-specific challenges requires more than state-of-the-art production facilities and good logistics.  Visionary thinking and teamwork with the customer is called for when realizing complex or individual tasks.  In such cases, puren sets the standard worldwide.  Together with our customers we resolve the tasks of tomorrow already today by constantly developing new PUR/PIR rigid foam products.

PUR/PIR rigid foam blocks
PUR/PIR rigid foam panels
PUR/PIR rigid foam pre-cuts


  • Does NOT drop off while burning
  • For applications from -80° C to +120° C (depending on type of foam)
  • Short-term temperature resistance: up to +250° C (depending on type of foam)
  • Water absorption acc. to DIN EN 12087: approx. 3 % by volume
  • Coefficient of vapor diffusion resistance: 40-200
  • Tolerance of thicknesses (unpolished): ±0.7 mm, grooving possible
  • Further technical and physical specifications upon request (traverse tensile strength, thrust strength)
  • Closed cell content acc. to DIN ISO 4590: 90-95 %
  • Shaped parts for: Metal profiles, sandwich elements, automotive industry, refrigerating/freezer vehicles (laminated box superstructure), radomes, wind channels, pipelines
  • Manufacture of complicated molded parts/designs

Harmless from a biological and building ecology point of view, non-rotting, recyclable, mould- and mildew-resistant.

Construction material:
Construction material: Made of CFC- and HCFC-free high-performance polyurethane (PUR), PIR or prepolymer rigid foam insulating material, acc. to DIN EN 13165, TCG (WLS) 0.021– 0.05 W/(m∙K), bulk densities 32 - 300 kg/m³ upon request, B1 and B2 class building materials as well as additional international fire protection standards.

Slabstock 2500 x 1250 x 820 mm
(B2, RG 32)
up to 2000 x 1000 x 350 mm
(B2, RG 200)
other dimensions upon request

Edges by request

puren insulating panels and pre-cuts for industrial applications excel through their versatility.

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