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purenit made by puren

purenit® – diamond among functional materials

The economic and versatile functional material

With "purenit", a new type of construction material is available, convincing because of its versatility and material-specific qualities.  Where wood chip materials are at their limit, ”purenit” holds its ground with outstanding properties.

And absolutely new:
purenit is - on demand - now available in Class C
(purenit C is covered by US Patent 10944169).

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For construction and thermal insulation of state-of-the-art components

Flexible, economic, future-oriented

There is hardly any construction, insulation or any other material in the building and construction industry providing as many advantages at the same time as purenit®.  Whether used as construction element for façades, high-grade raw material to produce windows, basic material for partitions or raw material for high-grade durable doors – purenit® is setting standards.

In times of consistently increasing energy cost, thermal bridging is no longer acceptable.  High-class building insulation is not only a question of the insulation shell but,  consequently, expands into the details of façade construction, window materials and many other construction elements and components.

purenit® – twice the performance, twice the quality!

Basically, purenit® performs even threefold: Apart from its outstanding mechanical properties so important in construction to achieve cost-efficient handling, purenit® convinces with its excellent insulating values and good thermal diffusion. Depending on the respective type of material, purenit® has a bulk density of 550 kg/m³, it is light-weight and therefore a light load. Its homogenous material structure and density, however, are responsible for its excellent insulating characteristics. No wonder, purenit® is the high-performance alternative to wooden products.



purenit® convinces through clear facts

purenit - made by puren

Performance on the dot

purenit® is much more than just a construction material.  Based on its indefinite types of application and its multitude of excellent properties and characteristics regarding processing throughout various industries and product areas we consider purenit® a multi-purpose material.  purenit® is a polyurethane product on (PUR/PIR) rigid foam basis, free of CFCs and HCFCs, with a high thermal insulation grade.  You can process this high-performance multi-function material on any wood-working machine, it is recyclable and originally not laminated. On account of its outstanding composition, purenit® can be fastened with screws, is stable against moisture, hard, light-weight, easy to handle and process, temperature-resistant, heat-insulating, resistant to chemicals, excels through its high rigidity, and may be laminated and/or combined with other materials.

A new (out)look for furniture to live and work in

purenit® is an all-rounder – and not afraid of being compared

If the job requires cost-efficiency but quality must not be neglected, purenit® opens up new perspectives for trendy furniture design.

On account of its easy processing, purenit® is especially attractive for the furniture industry.  purenit®  can be treated like wood.  But:  purenit® provides a multitude of characteristics wood or wooden products do not have.  Thus, damp room furniture is profiting from purenit® being resistant to moisture and not expanding.  Whether bathrooms, wellness areas, kitchen or the lab – purenit® furniture and counter tops will stay in shape.  If a top layer gets damaged, not to worry: purenit® is resistant to moisture and even to chemicals (acids, bases, solvents).  Stable and still light-weight - purenit® is a smart functional material giving furniture its very own quality.  purenit® will resist dynamic deformation and may be combined with various top layers.

A clean and cost-efficient business

Of course, purenit® is free of preservatives (formaldehyde) and harmless from a biological point of view.  Moreover,  processing purenit® practically leaves no waste.  Cuttings and chips may be recycled environmentally-friendly.

purenit® for the furniture industry: Convincing through quality

  • To be processed as easy as wood
  • Moisture-resistant like plastics
  • Can be attached with screws, laminated, easy to glue and paste
  • Light-weight and stable
  • Free from preservatives

Better safety, more cost-efficiency in vehicle construction

Partner to the automobile industry

In vehicle construction, the criteria for materials and construction are clear:  Durability, economic processing, stability and light weight are of superior importance when designing vehicle super/structures.  For many years now, puren is one of the leading OEM suppliers in the vehicle manufacturing industry.  puren's extensive product line features refrigerating/freezer trucks, campers/trailers, superstructures for trucks and vans, as well as elements for nautical construction and trains.

Using purenit® pays off right from the beginning:

One efficient measure to save on fuel when driving a vehicle is to use as little energy as possible by reducing its weight.  Of course, stability has to be maintained.  No wonder, it is suited so well for the construction of vehicle superstructures.

purenit® is notably light, may be laminated with almost any layer or top cover used in vehicle construction and can be processed extremely cost-efficient.  purenit® easily bypasses dynamic deformations common in vehicle construction.  Typically, purenit® is used for floor structures, reinforced components, linings and superstructures, furniture and fixtures.  An economically convincing point for the automobile industry.

purenit®'s PLUS for the vehicle construction:

  • Absolutely resistant against moisture
  • Its superior product performance convinces in difficult climatic applications

For the later operation of the vehicle its advantages are also distinct:  A stable, light-weight vehicle super/structure reduces the inherent weight, increases payload and contributes to reducing fuel consumption.

low material requirement

+ easy processing

= economic and cost-efficient manufacture

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