Use and disposal

Öl-Ex products on polyurethane basis

practically absorb no water, therefore, an expensive disposal of such an oil and water mixture is not necessary.  This results in an unbeatable cost-effectiveness advantage over water-oil mixtures and when used outside during rain or under wet conditions.  Öl-Ex can easily be exploited for generating thermal energy and therefore does not need to be disposed of perforce.  This saves on costly primary energy and provides replacement fuel.

Generally, oil-saturated Öl-Ex burns almost with no residue, leaving a minimum ash content of approx. 2 %.

Öl-Ex rigid

per se is not combustible.  The exceptionally stable granular structure of Öl-Ex rigid ensures that the binding agent does not release any oil even under high pressure.  This ensures its safe deposit, in turn preventing oil being discharged from causing pollution.

Environmental compatibility

The “Requirements for Oil Binders“ as published by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment are fully and completely fulfilled by all Öl-Ex products.  Our products are officially tested and approved:

  • Öl-Ex Powder see test certificate no. 55173994/11-1 dated 17.02.2011
  • Öl-Ex 82 see test certificate no. 55173994/11-3 dated 17.02.2011
  • Öl-Ex All-weather see test certificate no. 76907/06 dated 04.10.2006
  • Öl-Ex rigid see test certificate no. 55173994/11-4 dated 17.02.2011
  • Öl-Ex Cubes see test certificate no. 55173994/11-2 dated 17.02.2011

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