model-making for professionals

Modur - The perfect all-round model- making rigid foam for professionals

The biggest dreams often have a "PUR" heart

The huge stage props in amusement parks, gigantic advertising characters at the entrance to outdoor adventure swimming pools or the breath-taking 1:1 prototype of a futuristic roadster - all have something in common:  A core made of puren rigid foam for model-making.

Model-making pro

Perfect on every scale: modur made by puren.

modur - made by puren

Whether professional model-making or Rapid Prototyping: Shape up with slabstock or panels made of modur PUR/PIR rigid foam and make your designer heart beast faster.


  • Good stability
  • Low specific weight
  • Bulk densities from 30 - 300 kg/m³
  • Ideal for mechanical processing with all available tools and CNC robots
  • May be processed/treated with any adhesive, primers, coatings, colors, varnishes etc.
  • Does NOT drop off while burning
  • Weatherproof, to be used from -30° C to +120° C
  • Non-rotting
  • Good cell elasticity
  • Water absorption approx. 3 % by volume only
  • High rigidity

For velvet dreams in rigid foam

At the beginning of every idea and realization there is a plan, a drawing or a model showing the finished product on a scale.  This applies specially for technical goods such as cars, trains or ships – but also for artistic designs such as decorations and promotional figures and shapes.

Frequently, these models have one thing in common:  A core of modur rigid foam made by puren.  We provide panels and slabstock in various qualities and dimensions for model making.

Slabstock and panels with customer-/project-specific dimensions

Edges blunt

Surface generally ground and dusted

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