low-temperature rigid foam

puren low-temperature rigid foam up to -196° C

Superior low-temperature performance down to -196° C

More cost-effectiveness, higher safety and better conservation of resources with puren

Design and construction of cryogenic insulating systems such as for example LPG/LEG/LNG tanks or pipelines require special know-how and a great deal of experience.  State-of-the-art insulation systems are characterized by safe storage, low evaporation loss and lowest-possible energy consumption during reliquefaction.  In addition to technical design, the choice of materials used also plays an important part.

low-temperature rigid foam
rigid foam pipe shells

Convincing product properties for extraordinary demands

puren LT low-temperature polyurethane rigid foam is the ideal construction material for extremely cold  applications. The cellular material with its closed cell content is highly resistant to mechanical stress, prevents moisture from spreading and has a downright low thermal conductivity – optimum prerequisites to achieve low U-values and to keep the required "boil-off" rates.

puren products offer extremely advantageous specifications for those areas of application, all excelling by their excellent performance in the low-temperature area:

  • -196° C LN
  • -163° C LNG
  • -104° C LEG
  • -48° C LPG

A safe decision for the technically best solution

In the cryogenic industry, puren also stands for assured quality meeting any internationally recognized specifications, thus supplying an optimum basis for the manufacture of state-of-the-art insulating panels.

Its broad line of applications ranges from insulation against cold for tanks and pipelines up to insulation in shipbuilding.

Compared to other insulating materials, PUR offers distinct advantages:

  • Easy and cost-efficient processing at highest precision
  • Easy manufacture of pre-cuts and molded parts
  • Even complicated designs are possible
  • Fast availability
  • Tremendous durability
  • Ensures highest insulation for long-term periods
  • High stability with low weight
  • Mechanical stability
  • Low water absorption
  • Low flammability

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