high-temperature rigid foam

puren high-temperature rigid foam - insulating technology for up to +200° C

High-tech product for insulating in the high-temperature range up to +200° C.

High-temperature insulation

puren HT high-temperature rigid foam is ideally suited for insulating high-temperature facilities and systems (superheated steam, hot gas, district heating pipelines, etc.).  High insulation values are achieved with low insulation thickness.  Thus, thermal loss from the circulating media can be kept to a minimum.  Defined surface temperatures may be reliably maintained.

PIR rigid foam convinces through technical advantages and can be processed easily and economically in any shape or form.  The cellular material with its mainly closed cell content is an effective protection against vapor diffusion and is resistant against high mechanical loads.  On account of its enormous durability, puren high-temperature rigid foam is the ideal insulating material for open and built-in high-temperature systems.

Insulating components

Made of CFC- and HCFC-free high-performance polyurethane (PIR) rigid foam insulating material, TCG (WLS) 0.023 – 0.027 W/(mK)

  • Long-term temperature resistance: -80 to +200° C, short-term up to +250° C
  • Highest insulation with smallest wall thickness
  • High compressive strength
  • High content of closed cells
  • Advantageous reaction to fire: Fire class B2, does not smolder, melt or drop off while burning (DIN 4102)
  • Harmless from a biological and building ecology point of view
  • Recyclable
  • Mould- and mildew-resistant
  • Areas of application: superheated steam pipelines, etc.

Standard width: 1000 mm
other dimensions upon request
Available formats
Slabstock, panels, pre-cuts, shaped parts

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