puren Top DSB 100

puren Top DSB 100

This especially cost-efficient convection barrier (sd > 100 m) with self-adhesive seams ("adhesive-on-adhesive" system) complies with any requirements of ZVDH (Central Association of German Roofers) applicable for roofs with thermal insulation regarding DIN 4108 part 7.

This top-of-the-line product made by puren is highly tear-resistant and its fabric reinforced with longitudinal self-adhesive strips.  puren TOP DSB 100 can be installed directly onto rafters.  Other than with bitumen-based strips, there will be no embrittling at low temperatures due to its excellent technical properties.


  • Anti-glare
  • Weather-proof immediately upon installation (serves as an emergency roof)
  • Cost-efficient installation
  • Sturdy to walk on
  • Can be installed directly onto rafters
  • Self-adhesive with integrated self-adhesive strip
  • Consistent installation characteristics (no embrittling)
  • Robust, for high mechanical loads
  • Adhesive tape on windows, edge, chamfers and vent pipe (acc. to DIN 4108 part 7) will easily seal transition areas airtight
  • No penetration of separating agents (talc, sand) into the living area
  • Handy roll format for quick installation

The expert foil for puren PUR/PIR full-surface insulation TCG (WLS) 023 atop rafters.

Roll 1,50 m x 50 m

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Declarations of Performance

Declarations of Performance

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