Steep roof insulating system puren PavaPlus - a combination of insulating materials

puren PavaPlus

This roof insulating system with top values of TCG (WLS) 026/027 combines high thermal insulation with excellent noise protection and achieves a noise insulation value of Rw 44 dB with this design

puren® PavaPlus is made of high-performance PUR/PIR rigid foam insulating material (polyurethane) with double-sided, diffusion-open special fleece coating.  Topside, this roof insulating system is laminated with additional diffusion-open, high-tech Diffucell® roof-deck foil and additionally paneled on the inside with a 30 mm Pavatex wood fiber board (TCG (WLS) 040) for increased noise protection.




  • Application type DAD, building material class B2
  • Full-surface thermal insulation, 80+30 - 100+30 mm TCG (WLS) 027, 120+30 - 180+30 mm TCG (WLS) 026, for installation on wood paneling
  • Ideal for roof structures with paneling
  • High thermal insulation at low material thicknesses
  • All-around tongue+groove joint
  • Top side laminated with diffusion-open high-tech Diffucell® roof-deck foil (sd = 0.02 m), self-adhesive seams (“Adhesive-on-adhesive system”)
  • Executed as roof-deck foil protected against splitting of seams and perforation (add. measure class 3) in combination with the puren nail sealing tape
  • Noise-insulation value RW,R = 44 dB with this design
  • Printed grid as cutting aid

Available formats:
Outer dimensions wide 2400 x 1020 mm
Fitting dimensions wide 2380 x 1000 mm

80+30 - 180+30 mm

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