puren metal roof insulation element

puren metal roof insulation element

puren metal roof insulation element with a top value of TCG (WLS) 023 for cost-efficient insulation of non-ventilated, single-panel metal roof structures

puren M is made of high-performance PUR/PIR rigid foam insulating material (polyurethane) with a pure aluminum outer layer on both sides (50 µm).  In addition, the roof insulating element is topside equipped with two 90 mm wide factory-made recessed multi-layered wooden strips for fixing the element on the supporting structure, as well as for fixing flashing and fasteners.


  • Application type DAD, building material class B2
  • Factory made water-resistant glued wooden strips for easy fitting on the supporting structure
  • Single panel roof structure with optimum thermal insulation in winter and summer
  • Highest insulation performance at low material thickness
  • No special tools required
  • Plenty of freedom for architectural design
  • Low construction depth with enormous construction cost saving
  • Easily meets the requirements of the ZVSHK (Central Association for Sanitation Heating and Air Conditioning)
  • Excellent handling due to optimum width/length ratio
  • easy laying, no mounting aids necessary

Harmless from a biological and building ecology point of view, non-rotting, recyclable, mould and mildew resistant.

Outer dimensions 2400 x 620 mm
Fitting dimensions  2380 x 600 mm

Front side: Tongue and groove joint
Longitudinal side: stepped profile

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