puren insulating frames PDZ-V

puren insulating frames

Covering frame for rooflights type Velux

Composite element made of the smart materials purenit® and puren® PUR/PIR rigid foam for the wind-proof transition from Velux rooflights with no thermal bridging.


  • Optimum transition from window frames to roof construction
  • Wind-proof transition to Velux rooflights
  • For roof constructions with insulation atop, between and below rafters
  • Designed for vapor diffusion
  • Quick and reliable installation of windows
  • Easily attached to the roof construction
  • Best component for low-energy and passive houses (if rooflights suitable for passive houses are used)

Harmless from a biological and building ecology point of view, non-rotting, recyclable, mould and mildew resistant.

Supplied as kit with: Sealing and adhesive tape, screw set and installation instructions

For types and dimensions available see data on our respective technical data sheet

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