Thermal insulation for steep roofs

All puren steep roof insulation systems with thermal conductivity grade TCG (WLS) 023 are manufactured with a gas diffusion-sealed aluminum coating (50 µm). Depending on application and product requested, we will add several additional top and/or bottom side functional levels. puren steep roof insulating systems with mineral fleece coatings are allocated to TCG (WLS) 026, 027 or 029, according to their insulation thicknesses.

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puren insulation systems for steep roofs: Now doubly safe!

High-performance thermal insulation made of PUR-/PIR rigid foam with laminated roof-deck foils class UDB-A, for efficient thermal insulation and increased safety against climatic effects.

From practical experience to practical application.

Nothing is so good it couldn't be improved. In cooperating with planners and persons installing our roof insulation system, we continually strive to improve our product solutions. Target is to realize highest requirements by simultaneously optimizing the installation process.

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puren Dämmschalung

This roof insulating system is an effective basic insulation replacing wood paneling as well as ideal for combining with insulation between rafters ...

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Twice the safety.

Latest results of our product evolution are our proven insulating systems with factory-laminated roof-deck foil: puren Plus, puren PavaPlus, puren insulation paneling, puren Protect, puren PUR Unterdach (roof-deck) and puren Silent Pro.  All puren steep roof insulating systems are equipped with double-sided adhesive tape in an 8 cm range at the overlapping joints – because:  Doubly bonded is double sure!

Doppelte Sicherheit.

Jüngstes Ergebnis unserer Produkt-Evolution sind unsere bewährten Dämmsysteme mit werkseitig aufkaschierter Unterdeckbahn: puren Plus, puren PavaPlus, puren Dämmschalung,  puren Protect, puren PUR Unterdach und puren Silent Pro. Alle puren Steildachdämmsysteme sind ab sofort mit doppelseitiger Verklebung im Bereich der 8 cm breiten Stoßüberlappung ausgerüstet – denn doppelt geklebt hält einfach besser!

Advantages at a glance:

  • High-performance insulation and roof-deck foil (class UDB-A acc. to ZVDH (Central Assoc. of German Roofers) regulations) in one system and one process
  • Executed as roof-deck foil protected against splitting of seams and perforation (add. class 3 measure) in combination with the puren nail sealing tape
  • Insulation systems can be used even if regular slope is undercut by up to -12°
  • Wind-tight and rain-proof through double bonding via "adhesive-on-adhesive" connection
  • Optimum bonding of adhesives also in case of humidity/moisture and dirt
  • Cover strips protecting the adhesive area until installation
  • Easy pressing of connection for safe bonding
  • Cost-effective and safe processing

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