purenit® - diamond among smart materials

Construction and thermal insulation of the first kind for components and building parts.

purenit is a highly compressed smart material based on PUR/PIR rigid foam providing a high thermal insulation value. purenit is made of residual material from production runs during a closed process chain convincing through its sustainability.

The puren® principle of sustainability

principle of sustainability

Rock-hard facts

  • Resistant to ageing, mould and non-rotting
  • Resistant to moisture, dimensionally stable
  • Burning behavior E (DIN EN 13501-1), B2 (DIN 4102) non-dripping
  • Thermal conductivity λ 0.086 W/(m•K), DIN 4108-4 (coefficient)
  • To be used at temperatures from -50° C to +100° C (short-term +250° C)
  • Bulk density 550 kg/m³ (+/- 50 kg), DIN EN 1602
  • Compressive strength acc. to DIN EN 826.4 up to 8 MPa
  • Resistant to chemicals typically used in building & construction
  • For high mechanical loads

Possibilities for use and application

  • in wet or damp rooms, façades
  • profiles or strips/ledges
  • flat roof structures
  • installation of construction components
  • transition details

Facts for processing


Effortless and accurately, on all commercial wood-working machines.


An HSS drill bit is sufficient to pre-drill screw holes.


Saws easily and precisely.  Water-jet cutting also possible.  For a longer stability, we recommend carbide tools.


Practically no restrictions when bonded/coated/laminated with other materials.  Ideal carrier medium for laminated plastics/materials.


Suitable for processing with all commercial adhesive/bonding systems.


purenit even withstands solvent-based paints and varnishes and in addition, is an ideal plasterboard for all current plaster systems.

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