puren FAL

puren FAL insulating elements are ideally suited for efficient insulation under screed and for floors with underfloor heating providing low thicknesses.

puren FAL floor insulation

puren FAL insulating elements TCG (WLS) 023/024

made of high-performance PUR/PIR (polyurethane) rigid foam insulating material, CFC- and HCFC-free, DIN EN 13165, TCG (WLS) 023/024, application type PUR 024 DEO dh/ PUR 024 DEO ds or PUR 024 DI, with double-sided aluminum layer.


  • Ideal for use with concealed underfloor heating systems
  • Low thickness of unfinished floor due to flat additional flooring layers (TCG/WLS 023 or 024)
  • Improved thermal reflection due to metallic outer layer
  • High compressive strength, compressive strength at 10 % compressive deformation in accordance with DIN EN 826: > 100 kPa/150 kPa*
  • Water-repellent and resistant to chemical impact
  • Insulating boards can be used either way up for cost-efficient installation with low off-cut waste
  • Water absorption in accordance with DIN EN 12087: approx. 3 % by volume
  • High resistance to ageing
  • Low deadweight and handy format

A U-value of 0.50** can be achieved with a thickness of just 40 mm.

1200 x 600 mm


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*Thermal transfer resistances RSI und RSE, are considered.  Other project-specific features, such as those in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6946, are not taken into account.


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