Flat roof

purenit attic and domelight board

puren attic and domelight boards are particularly suitable for building transition areas bordering existing structures with no thermal bridging.

purenit attic and domelight board

purenit attic and domelight board

purenit construction material with its high thermal insulation value on PUR/PIR (polyurethane) rigid foam basis, CFC- and HCFC-free, TCG (WLS) λ ≥ 0.075 W/(m²•K), building material class B2, upgraded product, not laminated.


  • Does not smolder, melt, or drop off while burning
  • Thermal conductivity: λ ≤ 0.075 W/(m•K)
  • Can be used from -50° C to +100° C, short-term up to +220° C
  • Compressive strength acc. to DIN EN 826: ≥ 1.8 Mpa
  • Resistant to ageing, mould and non-rotting
  • Moisture-stable
  • Hard, for high mechanic loads
  • Resistant to chemicals and solvents typically used in construction and to many other materials
  • Recyclable
  • Can be processed on all standard wood-working machines
  • Easy to glue

1200 mm long, available in different widths

Upon request, also with top-side slope (2 %), except for 20 mm

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