Flat roof

puren MV 

The inexpensive basic element is particularly suitable for cost-efficient insulation of flat roofs such as trapezoidal, green and patio roofs.

puren MV

puren MV TCG (WLS) 026/027/029

Insulating elements made of high-performance PUR/PIR rigid foam (polyurethane), DIN EN 13165, TCG (WLS) 026/027/029 (TCG (WLS) 026 ≥ 120 mm, TCG (WLS) 027 ≥ 80 mm, TCG (WLS) 029 < 80 mm, building material class B2, application type PUR 026 DAA dh, DEO dh, or PUR 027 DAA dh, DEO dh, or PUR 029 DAA dh, DEO dh, with diffusion-open special fleece lamination.


  • Low superstructure because of high thermal insulation
  • Saving costs because of shorter fastening elements
  • Can be laid in hot asphalt
  • Safe processing of roofing foil by pouring and rolling or welding it in
  • Insulating elements may be used either way up for cost-efficient fitting with low off-cut waste
  • Can be used from -20 °C to +90 °C
  • Limit to short-term temperature exposure: +250 °C
  • Compressive strength at 10 % compressive deformation in accordance with DIN EN 826: 100 kPa
  • Water absorption acc. to DIN EN 12087: approx. 3 % by volume
  • Walkable, suitable for installing into high-stress surfaces such as parking roofs
  • When laid onto trapezoidal corrugated steel, the insulation will not be torn when stepped on
  • Laminated roof structures offer high resistance to wind suction forces
  • Low additional load on the roof construction
  • High age-resistance
  • Resistant to chemicals and solvents typically used in building & construction

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