Flat roof

Flat roof insulation

Nobody offers you such a multitude of PUR/PIR rigid foam insulation elements and systems for flat roofs as we do. Our product-line covers laminated and non-laminated PUR/PIR products, B2 class building materials (regular flame resistant) and also B1 class building products (higher flame resistant) or even the new European flammability rating "C". Not to mention special products for rooftop parking levels and flat roofs with increased demands on pressure resistance.

puren NE-B2 Flachdachdämmung

puren NE-B2

puren NE-B2 insulating elements are ideally suited for cost-effective insulation of flat roofs with increased pressure loads such as green roofs, patio roofs etc. ...

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puren PIR Class C

puren-PIR Class C TCG (WLS) 026/027/028

Puren PIR Class C insulating elements are specially suited for cost-efficient insulation of flat roofs with low cut-off waste, accommodating increased resistance to pressure loads and high requirements for fire protection ...

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puren PUR roof adhesive

puren PUR roof adhesive

puren PUR roof adhesive is particularly suitable for bonding of PUR/PIR or PS (polystyrene) insulation onto flat and sloped roofs ...

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