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Secure old age provision and top return with no risk:
Invest in insulating your real estate property

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Investing today in future-proof insulation saves on heating costs from day one and in addition creates a greater financial margin by saving money - for the rest of your life!

Vergleich Wärmedämmung vorher nachher

Depending on investment volume and type of insulation a return of 5 - 10 % is possible - as determined by Prof. Dr. Thomas Dommermuth, of the independent Institute for Provision and Financial Planning on behalf of the German Industrial Association for Polyurethane Rigid Foam (IVPU), Stuttgart

A multiple-page brochure on this topic details further information (see below)

Advantages at a glance

  • Real estate increases in value
  • Safe old age provision
  • Tax-free return
  • Active climate-protection
  • More living comfort
  • Independent from increasing energy costs
  • More financial margin in your old age

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