The right insulation system from the basement up to the roof

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puren offers comprehensive solutions to the building & construction industry - superb due to easy handling and their extreme practicality. The puren product range offers systems for steep roof, flat roof, and sloped roof insulation, floor, wall, ceiling and façade insulation, but also specialty products for parking levels, building conservation or roof refurbishing - to name just a few.

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More advantage for the customer through high-performance products

We want our customers to save even more cost. Therefore, we are consistently expanding our leading role as a full service system supplier in the area of PUR/PIR rigid foam technology.

Why use polyurethane for thermal insulation?

IVPU (German Industrial Association for Polyurethane Rigid Foam) experts advise:

When renovating or refurbishing your house, it pays to insulate properly. Selecting the right thermal insulation is a crucial factor of how much heating energy your house will use up over the next 30 to 50 years. That is the traditional period up to the next refurbishing / renovation.

Because of their outstanding thermal insulation performance, polyurethane high-performance insulating materials are ideal for insulating new and existing buildings. The insulation layer can be up to 40 % thinner than traditional insulating materials and will still achieve the same performance. Should room for insulation be restricted, PUR/PIR will achieve the highest savings.

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