Process polyurethane (rigid foam) by-products instead of disposal

Next Step PU:
Protect Ressources, save disposal and transportation costs

Here at puren, our aspiration is to use innovative products to save the energy needed for their production many times over. Back in the early seventies, puren was already able to use polyurethane to shape the energy revolution and create living spaces long before the topic of environmental protection and sustainability were even being discussed.

Nearly no other insulation company has a closed recovered substance cycle as puren does. Out of production by-products and remnants from building sites we make high-quality functional materials, that again bring big benefit and can be used again and again.

Therefore, unmixed, pure and not wasted, cfc- and hcfc-free polyurethane rigid foams can carriage-free be delivered and be taken back gratuitously from us. The redemption is to be made by contractual basis. For this, we have developed the concept "Next step PU".

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Example for retrun shipment of residuals

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