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puren gmbh ranks among the pioneers in polyurethane rigid foam technology

puren gmbh is located in Überlingen at Lake Constance and has been in existance for over 46 years. This makes the mid-size, internationally operating group of companies, with approximately 300 employees headed by Dr. Andreas Huther as managing director, a pioneer in the industry of polyurethane (PUR/PIR) rigid foam technology. 

puren's managing director:
Dr. Andreas Huther
puren's managing director: Dr. Andreas Huther

Innovation has been a passion of the founder and acting partner of the company, Hans Bommer, right from the start of business: In 1968, polyurethane rigid foam was nearly unknown in Germany. By accident, Hans Bommer got acquainted with this multifunctional, high-performance insulating material and quickly visualized its multitude of possible applications. Having made investigating trips to find out about its technical properties and ways of manufacture, he started a kind of “shop”, and produced his first PUR rigid foam slabstock with only one employee. His entrepreneurial spirit quickly showed results and over the years the 2-man operation grew into the actual group of companies, today operating several production sites and sales offices domestically as well as a Joint-Venture in China since 1996.

Always, Hans Bommer placed an important emphasis on issues such as protecting the environment, saving on energy and resources. Already at the beginning of the seventies, when nobody was addressing topics such as the protection of the climate, water and nature, reducing the emission of CO2 or the greenhouse effect, Hans Bommer was far ahead of the trend by recycling production remnants and as a result developed the functional material purenit® together with efficient oil and chemical binding agents for soil and water. To-date, this is still reflected in our company philosophy

company philosophy

„Generating/saving energy and reducing the emission of hazardous materials and substances with insulation, heating and environmental technologies by developing innovative products.“

Wide field of applications

Today, the fields of activities and operation for the puren group of companies are extensive. Our division Building & Construction includes the manufacture and sales of thermal insulating elements and systems for sloped and flat roofs, floors and ceilings as well as façades. The products are being marketed by building material suppliers and suited for applications in new buildings as well as retrofits, and thus contribute substantually to both saving heating costs and protecting the environment. puren insulating materials provide extremely high thermal insulation values even at minimum thicknesses, thus in turn reducing energy consumption and emission of hazardous substances of the insulated buildings. puren insulation systems have proven their worth for many years both for private single homes and rental buildings as well as for public buildings, industrial and commercial construction.

In the Industrial Products division, complex applications require innovative and creative solutions involving PUR materials. puren manufactures large-size rigid foam slabstock providing a great variety of different specific properties, which may be customized even further upon request. Whether pre-cuts or form parts for nacelles for airships, cooler/refrigerating trucks, components for the wagon and container, window and door manufacture, ship building or model making – there is no limit to possible applications. Even up to the manufacture of highly specialized form parts for the construction of the Barcelona Olympic Tower, developed and engineered by the world-famous architect Santiago Calatrava for the Olympic Summer Games in 1992. This division also handles the manufacture and sales of our Öl-Ex oil and chemical binding agents.

Another member of the puren group is BOMAT Heiztechnik GmbH, also located in Überlingen. BOMAT is one of the internationally leading companies in the industry of condensing boiler technology for oil and gas heaters, and is business partner (OEM) to renowned companies in the heating industry. In addition BOMAT manufactures and distributes high-performance waste gas heat exchangers for up to 2000 kW under the Profitherm brand.

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Awards for puren and Hans Bommer

Over the years, puren was granted numerous awards for their activities. For example, in 1997 Angela Merkel, then Minister for the Environment and today’s German Chancellor, handed puren the “Recycling Award”. BOMAT was awarded the “Energy Oscar” in 1995, and puren was granted the innovation prize of the German state of Baden-Württemberg as well as the FSK innovation prize (German Professional Association of Plastic Foams). In 2007, finally, Hans Bommer was bestowed the German Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon, and on the Seatec Show in Carrara, Italy, puren received the “Qualitec Award”. In 2012, Hans Bommer received yet another award: The "Economics Medal" of the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

New puren brochure

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An innovative product variety is the answer to ecological and economic challenges.

Since 1968 we have been applying our know-how and skills to develop and manufacture high-performance PUR/PIR insulating materials for building & construction. Our products are being used in various industries and excel by requiring only small quantities of raw materials, saving on resources based on their capabilities for multiple use and exemplary recycling technologies.

Creative ideas, flexibility and speed are combined with decades of experience and extraordinary productivity to further strengthen our competitive advantage. We are recognized throughout Europe as being the specialist for PUR/PIR rigid foam technologies and high-grade insulating materials.

Currently at six locations – including China - the puren group of companies and their actual 300 employees are producing PUR/PIR insulating materials for building & construction as well as PUR/PIR recycling materials on state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly production equipment for the following industries:

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  • Civil engineering
  • Industrial and plant engineering
  • Construction of vehicles, wagons, containers and ships
  • Model making
  • Building components, window and door construction
  • Damp rooms
  • Solar-technology
  • Specialised applications - and many more
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Throughout many different industries, puren is your innovative full-service partner for systems

Experience, know-how and the capability for innovation form the basis of our vast product range. puren gmbh is successfully active in various markets: The Building & Construction industry, industrial products, ecological products and sound technology. With new structures in different industries we have become your high-performance system partner for PUR/PIR technology.

More products, higher flexibility, greater independence and an unlimited capability for innovation have increased our already customer-focused approach significantly.

We want our customers to profit from an even greater cost-effectiveness. This is why we are expanding our leading position as a full-service system supplier in the area of the PUR/PIR rigid foam technology. By including the aprithan and endele brands under the trade mark puren, we are now in a position to offer even more expert advice and proximity to our customers.

New comprehensive product lines generate an even wider range of applications. More efficient structures result in faster planning and implementation. Interconnecting production locations generate an even better quality and allow for optimized logistics. And most importantly: Better processes create more time, i.e. more time for you and your product specifications.

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